In the final phase of the campaign, we wanted to look at the way we ‘Play’ – to see if there’s a difference in the way Europeans spend both their spare time and hard-earned cash. The data we therefore analysed in this phase was around the average disposable income, the amount of exercise we do and the holidays we take.
As with the other phases, we’d love for you to analyse the data and see what insights you can find about the way we ‘Play’, but see below for some findings we’ve found particularly interesting.

Disposable income

A big factor in the way we Play is obviously our level of disposable income, so we wanted to see who had the most/ who had the least and how this has changed over the years. Perhaps it’s unsurprising to see that Germany, the UK and France have the most disposable income, but it’s interesting to note that Germany consistently been quite far ahead of all the other countries, regardless of the overall trend.


One of the best ways to see how we Play is to look at our holidays – where we go away, why we go away and how long we have off. The UK is the luckiest when it comes to holiday – an average of 28 days a year. Most countries across the EU have 20 days. When it comes to where we go, the most popular country for Europeans to visit is France.

And why do we go on holiday? Most people (23%) just want a bit of sun or to sun on a beach, but the next most popular reason for going away is to visit friends and family.


We looked at a manner of things when it came to the way we exercise, but found how often people exercise the most interesting as 41% of Europeans don’t actually do any exercise or play any sport at all. In Bulgaria and Malta they exercise the least, while the Swedish and Danes exercise the most.


One of the ways we like to spend our spare time is watching films in the cinema. We actually found that the Irish and French are the most prolific cinema-goers, with individuals from those countries making a trip to the silver screen 4 times a year. The Irish also like to make an event of their time spent at the cinema – spending an average of around €30 on food and drinks per visit.